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The C-Br bond is easily broken to give a vast range of substitution reactions, the bromine group is one of the best leaving groups, hence the reason why a lot of products are produced from brominated intermediates.

Dedicated facilities for handling bromine were installed in the early 1990's. The technology was installed against specific enquiries for multi-stage custom synthesis. This meant that Robinson Brothers could both expand its technical portfolio and take on the total synthesis for the customer. Today, these technologies are offered typically as part of multi-step processes.

Brominations are carried out in dedicated 1400L glass lined reactor vessels, giving a variable scale up to a capacity of 50tonnes per annum. Each reactor has its own purpose built emission, abatement, control and electronic detection monitoring system so that the process is operated to the highest level of safety. We have handled up to 1 tonne bromine cylinders for the bigger bromination products.

Examples of bromination reactions are shown below: