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Chemistry Competencies

Robinson Brothers is today one of the UK's largest independent manufacturers of speciality organic chemicals. We offer a wide range of custom manufactured intermediates on a commercial scale from kilograms to multi-tonnes, all produced to the highest possible quality and environmental standards.

  • Amination

    Robinson Brothers routinely conducts reductive amination reactions to produce a wide range of speciality amine products and intermediates. ... read more

  • Bromination

    We have dedicated facilities for handling bromine and allowing multi-stage custom synthesis, which has led us to expand our technical portfolio to include bromination reactions. ... read more

  • Carbon Disulphide Chemistry

    Robinson Brothers has been involved in Carbon Disulphide since producing accelerators for the rubber market in the 1930's. We now use CS2 as a versatile reagent for the manufacture of thiazoles, xanthates, thiocarbamates and thiuram disulphides. ... read more

  • Dehydrogenation

    We offer many years of experience with dehydrogenation reactions. Our experience in catalytic hydrogenations has aided us in catalyst optimisation for dehydrogenation reactions. ... read more

  • Heterocyclic Chemistry

    Having a long tradition in the chemistries of organo-sulfur, oxygen and nitrogen, Robinson Brothers has a wealth of experience in the manufacture and application of many heterocyclic chemicals. ... read more

  • High Pressure Hydrogenation

    Robinson Brothers offers extensive know-how and expertise in the commercial scale operation catalytic hydrogenation processes. Our facilities include an extensive array of specially designed pressure autoclave reactors ranging from R&D to commercial scale. ... read more

  • Oxidation

    Our inherent ability to handle sulfur containing species and highly hazardous reagents safely and in compliance with regulation has lent itself to further downstream chemistries such as oxidation. ... read more

  • Thiolation

    Having a long tradition in organosulfur chemistry Robinson Brothers are uniquely equipped for, and have a wealth of experience in, the manufacture and application of organosulfur chemicals. ... read more