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Heterocyclic Chemistry

Heterocyclic compounds represent the largest and most varied class of organic compounds. For the heterocycles of the most common elements of oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur, the possible permutations for any given ring structure are incredibly numerous.

They are important in many biological systems and processes, as such it is not surprising that they find wide application in pharmaceutical, agrochemical, aroma, food and beverage industries.

Having a long tradition in the chemistries of organo-sulfur, oxygen and nitrogen, Robinson Brothers has a wealth of experience in, the manufacture and application of many heterocyclic chemicals.

Key technologies:

  • Our ability to handle high odorous (stench) materials under strictly controlled and contained conditions, protecting the environment, our workforce, our neighbouring community, and the avoidance of nuisance odors, is of paramount importance to us. To support this activity, we have continued to invest heavily in containment systems and abatement facilities including thermal oxidation and bespoke flue gas scrubbing systems
  • Flexible arrays of multi-purpose reactors along with their associated ancillary equipment, vacuum pumps, gauge tanks, filter driers etc. are each capable of being vented under negative pressure to the thermal oxidiser and abatement plant. Final product isolation is conducted in segregated solids handling facilities – typically having Rosenmund Guedu enclosed filter driers and final product packing area’s equipped with laminar flow booths

Typical transformations:

Heterocyclic Chemistry