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History of Robinson Brothers

21st Century

2014: Winners of the Chemical Industries Association Company of Year Award, and Chemical Industries Association Innovation Award for the launch of Robac SRM102

2014: Completion of the Saferubber project, resulting in the launch of SRM102 as a safe alternative to Ethylene thiourea

2013: Robinson Brothers invests over £400k in the Endeavour Speciality Chemicals site to improve containment and enhance facilities and throughput as a result of year on year sales growth

2010: Began working on the Saferubber project to identify an alternative for Ethylene thiourea

2008: Robinson Brothers Group purchased Endeavour Speciality Chemicals

2002: Rebranding of company image and installation of wiped film evaporator in Pilot Plant

2001: Installation of Kilo-Lab for small-scale manufacture

2000: Invested in a new £2M state-of-the-art waste incineration plant

20th Century

1999: Began commercial scale chlorosulphonation reactions using a dedicated reactor

1996: Novel thiolation chemistry was invented

1994: Bulk handling of elemental bromine

1993: First product manufactured by chiral synthesis

1992: Installation of phosgenation plant for the custom manufacture of a veterinary active

1984: Began Friedel Crafts reactions using Aluminium chloride

1978: First multi-product plant centred around GL reactors and enclosed filter drier units

1968: Cysteamine manufacture for revolutionary anti-ulcer drug Tagamet

1967: Began on-site generation of hydrogen sulphide

1950: High pressure hydrogenation introduced to manufacture Piperidine for Penicillin G

1946: Carbon disulphide technology established

1939: Established a rubber technical service laboratory for the increased use of vulcanisation accelerators

1909: Licenced to manufacture a new road coating composition (Tarvia) for the automotive industry

19th Century

1869: Company established by William Leckie Robinson, James Henry Robinson and Charles R Robinson for the distillation of coal tar