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Polymer Additive Laboratory

Robac has the backing of Robinson Brothers R&D laboratory and Pilot Plant, as well as working alongside UK universities.

Our Polymer Additive Laboratory has facilities for synthetic and natural rubber dry compounding, as well as latex dispersion kit. Equipment includes:

  • Powder blending machine
  • Brookfield viscometer
  • Klaxon mechanical stability apparatus
  • High speed silverson stirrer
  • Malver analyser
  • Rheometer MDR 2000E with DAISY software for testing rheological performance of test compounds
  • Mooney Viscometer for testing Mooney and Cure Index of test compounds
  • Instron Tensile testing machine with Bluehill software for testing tensile properties of rubbers and other materials
  • Hardness tester
  • Various rubber sample cutters
  • Stereo microscope to examine dispersion of additives in soft rubber etc
  • 12 inch and 16 inch 2-Roll Mills
  • BR Banbury with 1kg mixing chamber
  • Electrically heated presses for compression moulding.
  • Various rubber moulds including gas transfer mould to collect vulcanisation fume for analysis
  • Vibro-mill for making small scale aqueous dispersions (500cc)
  • Ball-mill dispersion (2kg capacity)
  • Monsanto fatigue to failure tester
  • Wallace ageing ovens
  • Stress relaxation testing equipment
  • High temperature oven (250 degC)
  • Latex dipping machine and various moulds
  • Water baths