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Robinson Brothers are involved in a number of initiatives, a few of which are mentioned below. We work with Academia in exploring better ways of carrying certain chemical reactions and improved methods of manufacturing new and existing technologies. We are currently working with the following universities: University of Birmingham, Warwick University, Loughborough University, Queens University Belfast and Aston University.

Being one of the founder members of Britest, we look at improved ways of process development, manufacture and equipment selection.

Robinson Brothers is currently carrying out batch to continuous on one of our oldest hydrogenations with funding from the UK Technology Strategy Board. We hope to scale up this technology and spread it to other chemistries across site.

With hydrogenations being a core competency, we are involved in CASTech which explores the use of improved catalysts. We are also involved in exploring new non-petrochemical feedstocks for the future.

We are looking improving our efficiency for b solids charging into reactors and will be carrying out trials on a new powder charging system.

  • Batch to Continuous Technology

    Robinson Brothers is working with AM Technology on a feasibility project, for which, funding was attained from the UK Technology Strategy Board on taking a catalytic hydrogenation process from batch production to continuous flow. ... read more

  • CASTech

    Mankind faces great challenges in providing sufficient supplies of renewable energy, in protecting our environment and in developing benign processes for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. ... read more

  • Britest

    As a founder member of Britest we use tools across the site from R&D to Operations, from trouble-shooting to process improvement. ... read more

  • Process/Reaction Hazard Screening Capabilities

    Our dedicated in-house Chemical Reaction Hazards Specialist carries out ... read more