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SHE Department

Our aims:

  • To reduce the incidence of workplace injuries and illnesses with the overall aim of eliminating them
  • To reduce the environmental impact of our operations
  • To reduce the risk of a major accident occurring at the site, so that the risk is as low as is reasonably practicable

What we do:

  • Use a systematic approach to identify all of the hazards and environmental impacts associated with our activities
  • Prioritise the most significant hazards and environmental impacts for action
  • Target resources at reducing the risks associated with our most significant hazards and environmental impacts
  • Involve senior management in the setting of objectives and targets aimed at delivering these reductions
  • Keep a check on progress against our targets and aim to improve year on year
  • Promote an open and honest culture within the company where employees can feel confident in discussing concerns and reporting accidents and near misses
  • Engage with the regulators and all other stakeholders in an open and honest way

Environmental Permit       
ISO 14001 Certificate

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  • Health & Safety Policy

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