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Founded in 1869, Robinson Brothers is one of the UK's largest independent manufacturers of speciality organic chemicals. We offer a wide range of custom manufactured intermediates on a commercial scale from kilograms to multi-tonnes, all produced to the highest possible quality and environmental standards.

Our technology is built upon a long established expertise in catalytic hydrogenation and organo-sulphur chemistry. Today we offer extensive range of sophisticated chemistries by handling challenging reagents, such as: carbon disulphide, chlorosulphonic acid, phosgene, bromine, hydroxylamine and dimethyl sulphate. In addition, our unit process portfolio includes Diels Alder and Freidel Crafts reactions, vacuum distillation and cyclisations to produce heterocyclic molecules.

Recent investments in our R&D department have enabled us to support our customers with bringing their innovative ideas to market. Our Kilo-Lab and Pilot Plant facilities allow a seamless progression from kilograms through to tonne manufacture. External work with Academe, either singly or through industrial consortia, focuses on new processes, process intensification, new technology and cleaner chemistry. We are also actively developing sustainable products in the fields of biodegradation and polymer chemicals.

In April 2008, Robinson Brothers Group acquired Endeavour Speciality Chemicals. Originally founded in 1991, Endeavour is a specialist manufacturer of high-impact aroma chemicals, with a core focus on sulphur and heterocyclic chemistries. They supply products in quantities ranging from grams through to multi-kilograms.